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ROWINCO – Control system for robot painting installation with automatic program generation for wooden elements

Fast colour change with low paint losses, highly uniform paining quality at a capacity of up to 120 complete windows per shift characterise the ROWINCO system.

Window scanning with 3D scanner
Automatic program generation
Painting according to generated program

Basis of the installation is a fully automatic window scanning system: the geometry of the workpieces gets recorded over a 3D scanner in combination with laser cameras on either side. Special software then generates a suitable painting program within 1 to 3 minutes automatically. The complete program is transmitted position synchronously on one or more painting robots and executed.

By saving the time and cost intensive robot programming the user is able to react quickly to production of individual items. The line can be operated continuously with no need to stop for programming, thus achieving highest availability. The system can be integrated into existing lines as well.

Reiter offers the user the complete service package around robot painting installations, such as feasibility studies and in-house tests, complete painting systems incl. assembly, commissioning, training and programming.

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