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Airless Misx Sprayers

Airless mix sprayer Mini Merkur™ ES

Complete packages with powerful airless sprayers at an
affordable price.

  • Quick flush system reduces material and solvent use.
  • Very low material volume required to fill the system.
  • Delivers a superior, consistent spray finish.

Pressure ratio: 15:1 / 30:1
Working pressure: 103 / 207 bar
Fluid flow: max. 1,5 l/min
Nozzle size: max. 0,019"
Airless mix sprayer Mini Merkur
Airless mix sprayer Mini Merkur

Airless mix sprayer Merkur™

Finishing devices with advanced technology and superior performance. Ergonomics, cost-saving and finishing results are the keywords of this new pump generation. With 4 air motor sizes and the choice of 13 different models, the Merkur paint devices contribute to the improvement of productivity. You can reduce costs, reduce emissions and provide consistently high quality finish for all demanding applications.

  • Run-away auto stop with Data Trak.
  • Low pulsation and no stalling thanks to the new air valve technology.
  • Low air consumption for increased efficiency thanks to the new air motor design.

Pressure ratio: 10:1 - 48:1
Fluid flow: min. 1,5 l/min.
Fluid flow: max. 9,0 l/min.
Air inlet pressure: max. 7 bar
Airless mix sprayer Merkur
Airless mix sprayer Merkur
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