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Paint Spray Guns

Spray gun AirPro
Spray gun AirPro

Spray gun AirPro™

Whether you are a custom shop or a high volume manufacturing facility,
the AirPro spray gun delivers exceptional spraying performance while addressing your environmental and operator concerns.

Choose three different models: HVLP, Compliant, Conventional

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Airless spray gun XTR-7
Airless spray gun XTR-7

Airless paint spray guns XTR-5 or XTR-7

Rugged design to handle the toughest protective coatings.

  • Compact design allows for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Variety of handle and trigger options.
  • High quality materials and construction.
  • Airless spray gun for extremely long service life, excellent spray
    pattern and high finish quality.
  • Excellent for materials with high solid proportion.
  • Two-or four-finger trigger; oval insulated grip or round grip.

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Air-assisted paint spray gun G15/G40

Different applications need different guns. The air-assisted guns G15/G40 use the highest quality components for long lasting reliable performance. Most importantly, the G15/G40 guns deliver superior spray performance while improving transfer efficiency and reducing material usage.

  • Enhanced nozzle design creates uniform atomization for a superior
    finish quality.
  • Light weight and balance.
  • Ease of assembly and disassembly reduces repair time

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Air-assisted spray gun G15
Air-assisted spray gun G15, 105 bar, designed for the wood industry and other low and medium pressure applications
Air-assisted spray gun G40
Air-assisted spray gun G40, 280 bar, designed for high pressure industrial applications and for materials of high viscosity
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