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Manual and automatic electrostatic spray guns and equipment

Electrostatic gun series Pro XP
Electrostatic gun series Pro XP
Example of use electrostatic gun
Example of use electrostatic gun
Amortization electrostatic gun Pro XP
Amortization electrostatic gun Pro XP

Electrostatic spray gun Pro Xp™

All Pro Xp electrostatic guns have integrated voltage generation into the gun. Whether air spray or air-assisted airless spraying, whether automatically or manually – Xp Pro combines the benefits arising from potential material savings through the ESTA effect and the small pistol weight.

  • Improve your air spray applications and reduce VOC emissions and paint consumption.
  • Take advantage of the superior finish quality and high working speed
  • Just connect material and the compressed air and in a few minutes you start painting.
  • 3 year warranty on high-voltage generator, gun body and gun grip
  • Materials: Enamels, epoxy materials, urethanes, alkyds and 1K and 2K materials.
  • Field of applications: Aerospace, automotive assembly, automotive supply industry, buses, agricultural and construction machinery, rail vehicles, trucks

The lightweight, compact design of the Pro Xp models reduces the fatigue of the painter and makes an excellent degree of application.

For various models and versions, see the Download Datasheet.




The table shows the reduction potentials of the respective Pro Xp gun models. With this analysis, you can imagine how much you can save with a Graco Pro Xp electrostatic gun.

Electrostatic installation WB 100 for water-based materials

Insulation system for air spraying systems for water-based materials. Together with the spray gun Pro Xp WB isolated this mobile system water-based materials.

Air input pressure: max. 7 bar
Material pressure: max. 7 bar
High voltage: 60 kV
Dimensions: approx. 1118 x 610 x 737 (WxHxD)
Electrostatic installation WB100
Electrostatic installation WB100
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