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2K Systems

Multi-component sprayer XP70™

The 2K system or multi-component sprayer XP70 by Graco is designed to pump, mix and atomize high-viscosity materials with superior results.

  • 6 specified mixing ratios available.
  • You mix only as much material as you need.
  • Operate the device within a few minutes with a minimum of instruction.
  • Less cleaning time saves work costs and increases availability

Pressure ratio: 70:1
Material temperature: max. 71°C
Material temperature: min. 4°C
Nozzle size max. 2 guns: 0,023"
2K system XP70
2K system XP70

Multi-component sprayers XM50/XM70

Fully configurable system for perfect mixing ratio. Boost your productivity on demanding high-volume with 2K materials with this 2K system.

  • Advanced sensors allow pumps to compensate for pressure fluctuations, resulting in accurate, on-ratio mixing for better yield and less waste.
  • Parameters such as injection pressure, temperature, mixing ratio and the total discharge power can be charged via a USB drive.
  • Each Graco XM sprayer is configurable. It begins with the selection of the base unit and then selects the appropriate accessories for the particular application.
  • Corrosion protection and tank coatings, for example for security container, ballast or water tanks, shipbuilding and ship maintenance, rail vehicles, wind power plants, bridges and infrastructure, pipelines and structural steel.

Mix ratio range: 1:1 - 10:1 (in 0,1 increments)
Flow rate: min. 0,95 l/min
Flow rate: max. 11,4 l/min
Fluid viscosity range: 200 - 20.000 cps (heavier viscosities can be sprayed using heat, recirculation and/or pressure feeding)
Operating overpressure 50:1: max. 358 bar
Operating overpressure 70:1: max. 435 bar
Material temp.: max. 71°C
Air consumption: max. 1,96 m³/min per l/min
Weight: 336,87 kg (base device)
2K system XM50
2K system XM50

Multi-component proportioner ProMix® 2KE

Mix 2K materials easily and evenly with this 2K system.

  • The mixture ratio is automatically kept within the predetermined tolerance limits.
  • All parts requiring regular maintenance are easily accessible,
  • Less waste, shorter drying times, reduces VOC emissions

Mixing ratio range: 0,1:1 - 30:1
Flow rate: max. 3,8 l/min
Fluid viscosity range: 50 - 20.000 cps
PC communication: USB 2.0
2K system ProMix 2KE
2K system ProMix 2KE

Electronic 2K proportioner ProMix™ 2KS

With this 2K system you dose accurately and reliably different materials to solvent and water based.

  • Manual and automatic configuration.
  • High accuracy in mixing ratio for an excellent finish quality!
  • Materials: Solventborne and waterborne epoxies and polyurethanes,
    acid catalysed materials

Mixing ratio range: 0,1:1 - 50:1
Working pressure: 7 - 206 bar
Air supply: 5,2 - 7 bar
Operating temperature: 5 - 50°C
2K system ProMix 2KS
2K system ProMix 2KS
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