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Material supply – Task-oriented, effective, powerful

Reiter designed precisely to the task matching material supplies and paint circulation systems. Whether from 2-liter or 1000-liter container, adapted to the specific requirements of the coating materials, the systems are designed. The Reiter AirMolch systems provide special paint supplies, materials recovery and automatic colour change in the loops.


Material supply systems by Reiter

  • Complete paint supply systems and facilities from paint mixing rooms
  • Heating and cooling of paint material
  • Mastic and wax systems
  • Adhesive spray supply
  • Hardener supply
Material supply – Double station 200 l container
Material supply
Insulated high-pressure paint supply
High-pressure paint supply

Paint supply systems – mature and reliable

Paint supply systems by Reiter are mounted as a compact unit on an aluminium frame and are designed for the use in painting installations with robots or reciprocators. All parts that come in contact with the medium are made of stainless steel. Hydro based as well as solvent based hardeners, stock paints, rinsing and solvent materials can be used.

  • Supply system  for small amounts for special colours with recovery systems
  • Circulation system with stainless steel pipe work or hoses
  • From 2-liter to 1000-liter supply container
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