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Further optimized high rotation atomizer Center Bell 2012


The further optimized high rotation spraying system Center Bell 2012 - the world's smallest bell atomizer with quick-change system for robotic applications - can perform necessary maintenance with minimal downtime. Within 2 minutes, the complete functional part can be replaced by only one employee.

The new, improved shaping air system allows in combination with a modified bell cap a very homogeneous spray pattern with or without electrostatics.

The spraying system is particularly suitable for use for the painting of automotive bumpers and other attachments parts of plastic, enables high paint flow rates and allows high acceleration values ​​of modern robot for high surface throughput.

The spraying system is approved for use in zone 2 and due to the compact size; it is ideal for retrofitting in existing plants and for the processing of solvent-based and water-based paints.

When used with the voltage blocking system ESTA Pro from POMA can be pigged up into the atomizer. This reduces the loss of colour again significantly compared to conventional solutions.

A design for the use with reciprocators and fixed supports also opens the users in general industry to take advantage of the quick-change technology.


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